A Steady Rain

Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre |  Broadway  | September, 2009

A new play by Keith Huff

Directed by John Crowley

Starring Hugh Jackman and Daniel Craig

A Steady Rain tells the story of two Chicago poicemen, lifelong friends, and their differing accounts of a few harrowing days that changed their lives forever. (Read more at

“The play packs hurricane force, thanks to its lightning headliners.”

- Los Angeles Times

“We've seen characters like the men in A Steady Rain before...But playwright Keith Huff recharges those familiar elements by approaching events usually outlined in action terms with the probing eye of a forensics investigator and psych profiler combined. Pair that with John Crowley's taut production, not to mention actors with the charisma and command of Daniel Craig and Hugh Jackman, and you get riveting theater.”

- Variety

“It's hard to imagine a better vehicle for two actors who clearly don't need larger-than-life characters to deliver grand performances."

- USA Today