Brighton Beach Memoirs  

Nederlander Theatre |  Broadway  | October, 2009

A play by Neil Simon

Directed by David Cromer

Starring Laurie Metcalf

Brighton Beach Memoirs centers on young Jewish teen Eugene Morris Jerome and his extended family living in a crowded home in the Brighton Beach section of Brooklyn in 1937: his overworked father, Jack; overbearing mother, Kate; his older brother Stanley; Kate's widowed sister Blanche and her daughters, Nora and Laurie. As Eugene spends his time daydreaming about a baseball career, he must also cope with his family's troubles, his awkward discovery of the opposite sex and his developing identity as a writer. (Read more at

"Hats off…the revival strikes an exquisite balance between comedy and pathos, its impeccable ensemble landing every laugh while exploring every emotional nuance to build a tremendously moving portrait of family life."

- Variety

“The depiction of a whirling, crowded daily life — as closely packed relatives keep getting under one another’s feet while remaining firmly lodged in one another’s hearts — is part of what made Memoirs a hit in the early 1980s, when the ideal of the big American family had been under siege for years. And this version provides a warming, richly detailed homestead for the Jeromes in John Lee Beatty’s set.”

- The New York Times

“Neil Simon’s Brighton Beach Memoirs will revive your spirits.”

- USA Today

“When I first saw Brighton Beach Memoirs by Neil Simon 26 years ago, it was a comedy with drama. In the current revival, it's a drama with comedy. While the script is essentially the same with topnotch actors in both productions, the difference is the direction. David Cromer, fresh from his unique, naturalistic off-Broadway staging of Our Town, applies his now trademark directorial magic to the Neil Simon classic. The result is triumphant, as just as it was a huge hit back then, it deserves to be once again.”

- NY1 News