Broadhurst Theatre |  Broadway  | October, 2009

  • Best Performance by a Leading Actor in a Play
  • Best Lighting Design of a Play

A play by William Shakespeare

Directed by Michael Grandage

Starring Jude Law

Hamlet, one of the indisputable masterpieces of literature, follows Hamlet, prince of Denmark, who is consumed with grief after his father’s death. He soon discovers the truth about his father’s murder and then plots to exact revenge on his uncle, who is responsible for the deed and also marries Hamlet’s mother, the queen, taking the throne in the process. Shakespeare’s powerful tragedy holds a “mirror up to nature” and explores wide-ranging themes such as deceit, madness, revenge, death and moral corruption. (Read more at broadway.com.)

“Grandage’s Hamlet is lean, focused and electrifying, like his last Broadway outing, the potent political drama Frost/Nixon. There’s no artificiality or fussy frills, and the bard’s characters and their relationships seem vivid and real.”

- New York Daily News

“He rants. He rails. He seizes Shakespeare’s most famous play by its well-known soliloquies and doesn’t let go. [Jude Law’s] turbocharged performance as the anguished Danish prince is not particularly subtle, but it’s well-spoken and clear. And eminently watchable.”

- Associated Press

“This is an uncommonly coherent production, free of gimmicks and transmitting the play’s themes with true clarity. Grandage has not weighed down the proceedings with any overarching ‘concept’ but rather simply presents the work in all its thrilling emotional complexity.”

- The Hollywood Reporter

“Imported from London’s Donmar company, this is the epitome of British-style quality: swift, well- acted, easy on the eyes and a breeze to follow.”

- New York Post