Merrily We Roll Along

Harold Pinter Theatre |  West End  | May, 2013

A musical by Stephen Sondheim and George Furth

Directed by Maria Friedman

Starring Mark Umbers, Jenna Russell, and Damian Humbley

Set over three decades in the entertainment business, Merrily We Roll Along charts the turbulent relationship between three friends Franklin, Mary and Charley. Starting in 1980 and travelling backwards in time, this powerful and moving story features some of Sondheim's most beautiful songs including "Good Thing Going," "Not a Day Goes By," and "Old Friends." (Read more at

"The leading trio give acting and singing performances that are now extraordinarily rich in texture, subtext and truthfulness through every beat of the drama...The show is a rare combination of the thoughtful and the thrilling. Go."

The Independent

"If the engine is top-of-the-range, the 17-strong company are the equivalent of liquid engineering. Whether working in harmony, ingenious collective discord or individually, there isn’t a weak link."

- Daily Telegraph

"Friedman's twin strokes of genius are her spot-on casting (even the minor roles are pitch perfect) and framing the show as if it's unfolding inside the head of's a thrilling evening of musical theatre and essential viewing for anyone who has ever looked at their life and wondered: 'How did I get here?'"

- The Guardian