Murder Ballad

Union Square Theatre |  Off-Broadway  | May, 2013

A new musical by Julia Jordan and Juliana Nash

Directed by Trip Cullman

A love triangle gone wrong centers on Sara, an Upper West Sider who seems to have it all, but whose downtown past lingers enticingly and dangerously in front of her. This sexy, explosive new musical explores the complications of love, the compromises we make, and the betrayals that can ultimately undo us. (Read more at

"[T]his hot-blooded property written by Julia Jordan and set to music by Juliana Nash still steams up the room with its violent tabloid tale of illicit love, lust and betrayal. The immersive staging adds to the drama by dangling the possibility that one of the battling lovers might land in your lap...Every element of the production, including the set and costumes, advance the story and contribute to the impact of the performances."

- Variety

"If anything, Murder Ballad is more entertaining than it was before...the cast members inform us, in effect, that they’re going to tell us a story that we won’t be able to resist. In this case, the storytellers are not lying."

- The New York Times