Old Times

Harold Pinter Theatre |  West End  | January, 2013

A play by Harold Pinter

Directed by Ian Rickson

Starring Kristin Scott Thomas, Rufus Sewell, and Lia Williams

Kate, Deeley and Anna  locked away in a secluded farmhouse  reminisce about their early days together in London but, with conflicting memories and underlying sexual tensions, the past suddenly feels vividly present. (Read more at playbill.com.)

"Ian Rickson’s take on a transfixing if shadowy 1971 play clarifies anew the gauzy hinterland of memory. I doubt I’m the only one already searching for an excuse to see it a third time."

- The New York Times

"Kristin Scott Thomas and Lia Williams are currently alternating the two female roles in Harold Pinter's 1971 play with Rufus Sewell as the man in the middle. The result, in Ian Rickson's brilliantly pellucid production, is fascinating."

The Guardian

"In fact, this is a superb, cleverly apt production...I suspect seeing this Old Times multiple times could become an obsession."

- The Independent