The Performers

Longacre Theatre |  Broadway  | November, 2012

A new play by David West Read

Directed by Evan Cabnet

Starring Alicia Silverstone, Henry Winkler, Cheyenne Jackson, and Ari Graynor

The Performers follows two high school friends who reconnect at the Adult Film Awards in Las Vegas. When the night takes an unexpected turn and relationships are threatened, Chuck Wood, the hardest-working man in the business, steps in to lend a hand. (Read more at

"Director Evan Cabnet has aimed at, and struck, the tender heart in a script that could easily be performed with more darkness or more cartoony. The great cast — especially a squeaky, muddle-headed Graynor and zesty Winkler — keeps the show giggling. Comic timing is in rich supply here but also compassion."

- Associated Press